PyJulia can be tested by simply running tox.

$ tox

The full syntax for invoking tox is

  tox [options] [-- pytest options]

Be careful using this environment variable! When it is set to yes, your PyCall.jl installation will be rebuilt using the Python interpreter used for testing. The test suite tries to build back to the original configuration but the precompilation would be in the stale state after the test. Note also that it does not work if you unconditionally set PYTHON environment variable in your Julia startup file.


julia executable to be used for testing. See also pytest --julia-runtime.

[-- pytest options]
Positional arguments after -- are passed to pytest.

For example,

  PYJULIA_TEST_RUNTIME=~/julia/julia \
  tox -e py37 -- -s

means to execute tests with

  • PyJulia in shared-cache mode
  • julia executable at ~/julia/julia
  • Python 3.7
  • pytest’s capturing mode turned off